Cambridge Community Rehabilitation & Environmental Protection ( CCREP) started when some enthusiastic and entrepreneurial people came together with the same heart and passion for Uganda. When we started helping people in vulnerable conditions and saw our lives change, after long discussions and prayer about how more should be supported, we started CCREP. This organization supports the disadvantaged communities in Eastern Uganda with its head office located in Jinja district.

We believe in helping the people of the community to push them out of poverty and reduce the spread of diseases which are the key factors to the great suffering of mankind in Uganda. Poverty and diseases are the major reason why we try to help in areas of health care, education, starting agricultural projects, provision of shelter and discipleship.

CCREP has a team of reputable members who review project ideas and approve them only if in agreement that the projects would benefit the community and that they would work. Our openness about ideas and how things are being run make us transparent and have great success. There is strict accountability with each team member and all projects are well documented by taking pictures as well as written reports and interviews with recipients. Everyone within CCREP understands that the most important part of our job is to be kind, responsible and transparent to our donors, sponsors, partners, supporters and other staff. It is our desire to come along side those in need and help them become successful on their own.

We are a ministry and how we treat the money we receive is just as important as the people we are helping. Our openness and strong beliefs have created an environment that is very productive and beneficial for everyone involved. The bond and trust between the team members is God-given.

We succeed by combining ideas and efforts. Your support and ideas can help move us further. We appeal to you to support us financially and also become more personally involved. We want you to feel the love and blessings which come with giving. We want you to pray with us for the children and the adults we are working with. We want you to see where your hard earned money and efforts would go. So please partner with us as much as you will, whether is through financial donations, praying with us, coming for a trip or visit, gift giving or volunteering with us. We want you to see how together we can change the lives of the people of Uganda.

We shall be very grateful to hear from you! Our email address: gro.percc@nimda


Ronald Musoke

Mr. Baseko Ronald Musoke

Mr. Baseko Ronald Musoke, CEO

Ronald believes that when you commit yourself as a vessel and ready to be used by God as He instructs, then you are real. Ronald expresses the life of reality from the day he chose to serve God. Although there is lack in every corner, he insists we can succeed with the help that God provides. Ronald works hard to make an impact! He created the vision for CCREP and directs the growth of the ministry.

Besides that, Ronald is a professional project plan manager and a leader. He is committed to public service and working with government to solve the challenges of his people. Come what may, he insists he must get there!

With the formation of CCREP, he believes this to be a basis of redemption and rest for the rejected, suffering and heavy burdened.

Mrs. Sanyu Mariam

Mrs. Sanyu Mariam

Mrs. Sanyu Mariam, Deputy CEO

Mariam is a business woman with a focus on business administration and management. She is married and has a family.

Mariam has a goal of restoring hope to the vulnerable people within the society — orphans, widows, the disabled, former child-soldiers, HIV/AIDS affected patients, and people suffering from hunger, to mention but a few. Mariam says she has a great team of colleagues here at CCREP and together we can positively impact our world.

By reaching out and caring for the vulnerable people, we can restore hope and empower our next generation.

Mr. Mudoola Fred

Mr. Mudoola Fred

Mr. Mudoola Fred, Spokesman & Mentor

Fred is a senior agriculturalist and a professional in ICT. He has wanted to spend most of his time in gardens and farms.

Fred’s love for the children and other vulnerable people started in 2006 when he was working as a professional trainer for various aid organizations in Uganda. After spending an extended amount of time doing this, Fred felt a need to give back more than training. He had a burning desire in his heart to help on a deeper level. With the overwhelming generosity and help with others, Fred joined efforts to found CCREP in 2016.

Since day one, Fred has done his best for the success of CCREP. In his free time however, he loves being outdoors with his family and can often be found on the beaches enjoying the fresh air.

Eng Baliraine George

Eng Baliraine George

Eng Baliraine George, Program Director & Administrator

George’s early life was difficult and he struggled to make an impact. Born to a poverty-stricken single mother with four children, George had the experience of being forsaken and abandoned to an orphanage.

At the orphanage he was mentored, supported and groomed to become an Electrical Engineer. Besides working with CCREP, George works at Nile Aluminum Ltd in the Electrical department.

George has experience in working with charities where he has successfully and reputably exercised his duties. Now he acts as a catalyst in our operations, demanding immediate action in what we intend to do for others. With him, we believe we shall reach the goals.

Mrs. Nalyanja Zam Julie

Mrs. Nalyanja Zam Julie

Mrs. Nalyanja Zam Julie, Treasurer

Julie is a purely Muslim lady who committed herself in the service of the vulnerable people. She joined CCREP because she loves to be of help. She is happy and enjoys making others happy.

Married with children, Julie is an accountant by profession and has started businesses of her own. At the moment, we can actually say; “she is a business woman.”

She loves making friends, she is social, good at making jokes, very funny, and always a humble lady. She is fond of smiling with the CCREP children and is so sympathetic to the old women here.

Rev. David Kiirya

Rev. David Kiirya

Rev. Kiirya David, Head of Evangelism Team

David is a Pastor by calling and training. He earned a degree in theology with BTI University in the United Kingdom and stayed there for six years helping old people as far as their life was a concern.

David is the lead pastor at Upper Elim Pentecostal Church in Wanyange-Jinja and also the caretaker of Cambridge Bible Associates that was founded by the late Wright Mike Owen. In addition, David is a mentor to the community and a social worker.

He is happily married to Sarah Kiirya with five children. He sustains his family through his work as a professional electrician.

David toils to help and support vulnerable people and preach the word of God as the great commission. This is the reason he is part of the executive team of CCREP.


Isaac Butamanya

Veteran Isaac Butamanya, Volunteer and UK fundraiser.



New member of CCREP. Biography coming soon.


    • Respect
    • Integrity
    • Equity
    • Cultural diversity
    • Partnership
    • Self determination
    • Innovation
    • Non discrimination
    • Evangelism
    • Commitment

      There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.