Volunteer Urgently Needed for Fund Raising
to Respond to COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the lives of countless members of the general population. Older adults are known to experience loneliness, age discrimination, and excessive worry. It is therefore reasonable to anticipate that they would experience greater negative outcomes related to the COVID-19 pandemic given their increased isolation and risk for complications than younger adults. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing untold fear and suffering for older people across the world. As it stands, the virus itself has already taken the lives of many people but more being the old in age.

As the virus spreads rapidly to developing countries like Uganda, overwhelming health and the social protection systems, the mortality rate for older persons could climb even higher. Less visible but no less worrisome are the broader effects: health care denied for conditions unrelated to COVID-19; neglect and abuse in institutions and elsewhere; an increase in poverty and unemployment; the dramatic impact on well-being and mental health; and the trauma of stigma and discrimination.

Efforts to protect older persons should not overlook the many variations within this category, their incredible resilience and positivity — we must see the full diversity of people within this over-represented. We must also recognize the important contribution of older persons to the crisis response, including as health workers, volunteers and caregivers. Each of us – States, businesses, international organizations, companies, communities, friends and family – need to step up our effort to support older persons. We must do everything possible to preserve their rights and dignity at all times.

During the recent COVID-19 shutdown in Uganda, the older people have suffered more from hunger, reason being they would no longer move out to hustle for a living. Those that depended on others for a living would also not get the support as most people were told to stay home. Thank God, we are now in a partial lockdown and movement is allowed and some businesses have started. It’s under this context that CCREP would wish to come out and support the 25 elders under its care with seed capital to run sustainable projects themselves to earn a living on their own. Under the shutdown time, the organization tried to provide them with food, this can’t continue for a while as the organization has got limited funds.

We would want to draw an attention in providing our elders with nets other than fish. They would use the nets to catch fish forever and yet when given fish today, tomorrow it will need more fish to be given. It means the elders will keep their hands crossed for more fish which shall not be there.

With this note therefore, the organization is seeking to recruit a volunteer with skills in fund raising to help it raise $750 as seed capital for the elders to start generating their own income.

Each elder will be given a seed capital of $30 and this will help each of them to raise a daily profit of $2. This can support their welfare and other necessities for a day according to the projects we are going to locate. Donations, grant’s and gifts are also highly welcomed in case one can’t volunteer with us. As soon as funds are available, life would be saved because these elders are living a hungry, hopeless life. They can’t access food due to lack of what to do and yet others who would help are also facing more hardships in this tragic time.

Remember, the only way of finding yourself is through the service of another. A hand that gives shall be blessed more than a hand that receives, and whoever gives to the poor lends to God.

We shall be very grateful to receive your hand of support. If you have skills in fund raising, please
click here to become a volunteer to help our elders.

God bless you!

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