Our vision is to have a God fearing, healthy and self-sustaining community through churches, education centres, and livelihood centres.

Our objectives:

  • Provide orphaned children with an environment conducive for their development and growth, and protect them from early pregnancy and child abuse.

  • Provide basic and skills oriented education to the children and their caretakers to enable them earn a living.
  • Provide adequate health care and protection from diseases and ill health condition.
  • Mold and bring up children who are God fearing to disseminate the gospel of the word of Jesus.
  • Provide emergency protective care, transitional families and community reintegration services for orphans and other vulnerable children.
  • Operate as an approved, registered and compliant children’s organization.
  • Through foster families, provide a safe shelter and family-like environment for orphans and other vulnerable children who have no one else to take care of them.

  • Provide children under our care with adequate diet, clothing, access to safe health-care, age-appropriate education and guidance, while protecting them from neglect, discrimination, violence and abuse.
  • Endeavor to reconnect with existing loving family members that can provide proper care for the children. Where a child is unable to return to his or her parents or extended family, to connect children under our care with loving foster and adoptive parents with whom they can experience one-on-one affection and close family relationships.
  • Reduce vulnerability by providing support for caretakers and the families of vulnerable children in field such as education, health, family planning.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.





How We Work

CCREP implements projects directly and indirectly through our local partners and beneficiaries. We have a bottom up approach to partnership and we see our partners as equal. Together we strive to improve the lives of children and communities we serve and we are open to learn from each other.

We use a rigorous approach to select partners who share our same ethos, with an active nature of nurturing them. We respect their capabilities and respond to their needs.



CCREP faces challenges in supporting children and adults and it is even worse with the inflation hitting Uganda today. The children are often lacking in food, education, clothes, bedding, shelter and medical care. These children are abandoned because their parents /guardians cannot afford the basic needs, therefore run away from responsibilities. Other children are born orphans: for instance a child is born and a mother dies, then when the father marries another woman, the children are subjected to domestic violence and torture. Other children are abandoned by their parents with no one to help.

Such children end up on street on absolutely nothing. The country has not done much for such children; it’s only the organizations that are trying to protect them and provide basic needs in an institutionalized setting. Apart from those children who need a conducive environment for them to play and enjoy all their rights like their counter parts.CCREP has the compassion to help such disadvantaged children/community but as a voluntary initiative we are limited with resources. Our plight is to reach out to many children but we can’t do this in isolation without external support.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.