Project Description

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) program

Under the WASH program, hygiene and sanitation interventions supplement innovative and comprehensive water chain interventions to ensure safe water from the source and into the home. Are you aware that:

  • Poor sanitation and hygiene is a cross-cutting health concern in all rural Ugandan villages.
  • Poor sanitation leads to diarrheal diseases, which are responsible for 17% of all deaths of children under five years (World Health Organization).
  • Poor personal and household hygiene can lead to trachoma, increased rate of infections, and a number of other diseases.
  • A home with standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and increase malaria rates not just for that family, but for the neighbors as well.

Water and sanitation provisions in Uganda are still in an appalling state. NGOs and the government have attempted to make significant improvements to scale up the coverage of drinking and washing water but due to the increasing population, less investment has been made in hygiene education. Without alternative efforts to monitor and re-plan countrywide, and without more investment in water and sanitation for the surrounding communities, the sustainability of the existing sources and the consolidation of behavior change may be lost.

CCREP aims to help improve the water and sanitation situation in Jinja and in Busoga sub region with priority to rural and peri urban communities in particular. The overall objective of this initiative is to enhance better clean water provision. It is on record that many villages have limited sources of clean water and those that do exist are in unreachable distances. To make it worse, people have to keep lining up for longer hours to get water because of big population.

We educate our communities about the importance of household hygiene, personal hygiene, and sanitation.

In addition, we provide sanitation facilities in disadvantaged communities and schools.

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Through clean water, children smile again with a restoration of hope and faith in the future.