Volunteers are highly welcomed! We want anyone who gives their time to volunteer with us to feel valued, understood and proud to be part of CCREP for the vulnerable communities. For that reason, we welcome you to get involved.

As is common in many developing countries like Uganda, the vulnerability level is high and therefore children, youths and adults lack the support they need to help them to lead productive and interactive lives. Your help as a volunteer is needed to support specialised roles needed for the social, economical and welfare development. This is because foreign volunteers often have better training and skills, and more up to date knowledge. These are assets that are not readily available in Uganda.

As a specialised volunteer, you are a rare and much needed resource to improve the organisation, teach the department staff, and help shape and modernise current projects. Develop your skills in a setting different from your own. Empower disadvantaged people, and gain valuable personal and professional experience by joining our rewarding volunteer positions. Bring your skills and expertise to the Ugandans and help improve access to development.

Here at CCREP we endeavor to fight against the increased suffering of mankind and abnormal environmental changes. We have divided our services into departments of education, clean water, health care, environment and discipleship for children, youths, adults in vulnerable situations.


As expressed above, we have different types of activities we carry out in each program. As we run many projects to support the Community, we will have separate and more specific role descriptions that change depending on current projects and demands.

As earlier said, we value your support, no matter how small. As a volunteer, it is down to you to decide how much, or how little you can do, what and when you can support us.

Once you have chosen a program, let us know which areas can you feel you can offer support, so we can offer you the right specific role descriptions. We are flexible and will help you find roles that appeal to you. We will try to match your skills and experiences to a suitable role. Some roles will require a regular commitment, while others are more flexible. Whenever possible we will try to tailor the time commitment around your availability. Some of the volunteer roles have a minimum time commitment and we will discuss this when talking through the program you would have chosen.


We shall get to you as soon as possible when you contact us.

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    Registered in Uganda, charity number BTC/CD/029/18.